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Use of Technology

The Technological Revolution is considered to be the third global revolution to take place, with the first being the Agricultural Revolution and the second being the Industrial Revolution. Globalization is the offspring of this revolution, providing people with a time-saving process of communication and interaction via technological means in today’s world.

Technology not only makes communication easier but also aids in data collection, sharing, protection and quick decision-making. Tech usage has become an integral part of the workplace and is synonymous with efficiency, like Human Resource Management.

Here are some ways technology positively impacts talent management

Flow of information

Due to technology, one singular location, like a portal or cloud-based access point, can be created that saves information, which individuals can access at any time. This would help in increasing efficiency, the flow of information and time management.


It is very difficult to manage different departments simultaneously. Creating different portals or groups helps disseminate information to various departments. Let’s take the example of a group presentation: Everyone is given a different task or segment within one presentation. Make one presentation on Google Slide Share, which everyone can access, edit, add or remove at any given time. The presentation would be on cloud storage and everyone will have access, saving time and keeping everyone on the same page.


In 2019, a majority of repetitive work is done by systems and software that either structure everything or aid employers and employees throughout. Employees start becoming more efficient due to this and save a lot of time.


Decibel understands the need for technology in revolutionizing the way we work; this is why Decibel introduced, a complete Human Resource Management System (HRMS), which reduces manual labor, and operational costs and is a single source of verified employee data.

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