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Top 9 Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems for UAE Businesses

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applicant tracking system in UAE

Today, business owners worldwide are fully aware of the importance of the employee force within the company. In the current business environment, startups and huge businesses have embraced the recruitment process and managed applicant data. 75% of businesses in the UAE hire professionals for recruiting needs. An applicant tracking system has become a must-have tool for a company that is fast growing in number. It makes a universal business challenge (hiring and recruiting) easier. Many businesspeople successfully use an applicant tracking system to strengthen their organization’s recruiting.

As you will know, time is money so it should be well spent. Once a company can automate its recruitment management system for maximum output, it will make the business successful. The applicant tracking system in UAE holds all the keys for companies that need to keep the best talent coming their way to be successful.

Now, however, if for some reason you’re just unfamiliar with the benefits an ATS in UAE can bring an organization, here are 9 reasons applicant tracking system acquisition should be a business priority:

  • Remain Competitive
  • Grow Your Business
  • Shorter Time-to-Hire
  • Better Quality Hires
  • Improve Candidate Experience
  • Increase Applicant Traffic
  • Remove Bias and Increase Diversity
  • Reclaim Employee Time

So, let’s move on to:

Hiring is a Universal Business Need

No matter the industry or size, every business must have a hiring or recruiting strategy with the potential to process voluminous data. With an untold number of unqualified applications, hiring has been the biggest business challenge for organizations. The applicant tracking system in UAE ensures recruiting and hiring aren’t an afterthought but a streamlined, efficient, strategic business priority.

Remain Competitive

The applicant tracking system in UAE is constantly improving the candidate experience, increasing applicant traffic, saving time and money, and getting better quality hires. We’ve already clarified that this system not only helps businesses be competitive recruiters but also allows them to become more competitive in their respective industries.

Grow Your Business

applicant tracking system in uae

The applicant tracking system in UAE helps a business grow by finding team members who come up with great ideas. This system not only manages the recruitment process but also executes company visions, and ultimately increases an organization’s revenue and reach. However, an ATS in the UAE can help businesses grow in many ways.

Shorter Time-to-Hire

Companies that successfully utilize an ATS in UAE can save up to 25% of their time on the hiring process, and 87% of ATS users say the software helped them hire faster.

Better Quality Hires

For every organization, it is important to get rid of toxic hires. They can have a huge impact on an organization and can reduce productivity by 80%. The use of an applicant tracking system in the UAE improved the quality of hires. That’s a huge benefit! Improving the quality of new hires helps boost retention and avoid toxic hires, saving companies money and making recruiting easier.

Improve Candidate Experience

In today’s competitive hiring environment in UAE companies, candidate experience is more important than ever. According to recent research, 60% of potential candidates quit in the middle of filling out online job applications because of length or complexity-ought to waste crucial time. That’s a bad “customer” experience whether they get the position or not.  ATS in UAE can streamline the application process to be quick, efficient, and candidate-friendly.

Increase Applicant Traffic

Regardless of how to redefine talent acquisition strategy, the goal of any recruiting strategy is to increase applicant traffic. Increased applicant traffic means companies have more applicable high-quality candidates to choose from and a more robust pipeline to find and nurture talent. Applicant tracking system in UAE can increase applicant traffic by:

Give access to a job distribution platform to reach candidates through a robust network of integrated job boards, social posting capabilities, and the tools to build a referral program. Widening their talent pool. Ensuring the job vacancies get filled without wasting unnecessary time and money. It helps companies standardize job titles and descriptions across the company to optimize visibility.

Increase Diversity

applicant tracking system in uae

ATS in UAE streamlines the recruiting cycle with features that find the best-matched candidate without giving importance to gender, race, nationality, etc. The prominent features could further help eliminate the inherent bias which can help companies improvise diversity, and equity which can help make businesses more productive and this is what current job seekers want. The applicant tracking system in UAE took a step to further eliminate bias from the recruiting process by removing profile pictures from the platform. You can also read about how one of their private label partners used ATS in UAE to decrease hiring bias.

Reclaim Employee Time

Today’s job market has become candidate-centric. Candidate experience is undeniably a vital part of the recruitment process. However, many small business owners spend up to 50% of their working hours on tasks that don’t generate income. The hiring process is a collaborative experience, and if an organization doesn’t have a dedicated HR department or employee, other members of your team must pick up the slack and potentially work overtime. Which can negatively impact the productivity of the organization. ATS in UAE streamlines and automates the recruiting process for ambitious startups and agile businesses and makes good business sense!

So, these are just some of the reasons and benefits we can mention regarding the fact that the ATS in UAE is an important tool for any recruitment team!


It all sums up the fact that 94% of ATS in UAE users say it positively impacted their hiring. Hopefully, we’ve given you enough information to become an ATS in UAE advocate. However, if a decision-maker at your organization is still wary, we hope you share the above beneficial list with them—hiring and recruiting shouldn’t be stressful after that. It should be a meaningful, enjoyable business endeavor that helps propel an organization forward, and ATS in UAE can help that happen! The applicant tracking system in UAE offers you the perfect opportunity to bring innovation and digitalization to your hiring.

Thanks for reading!

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