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AI Software and Human Workforce


Artificial intelligence and contemporary software are undoubtedly the future of business. Yet, you cannot guarantee success for your company simply by integrating AI in it. AI as an enhancement to human experience, rather than a replacement of the human workforce.   Understanding AI When we think of the term ‘artificial intelligence’, it is often associates […]

Top HRMS Solutions for Large Businesses

HRMS solution for business

In the last few years, business practices have drastically changed. The use of technology is increasing rapidly, and operations are heavily digitalized in almost all industries. Like all other business processes, the HR management system has also evolved and the latest digital human resource solutions in Pakistan have been introduced for better employee management. Almost […]

Using Technology to Improve Talent Management

Use of Technology

The Technological Revolution is considered to be the third global revolution to take place, with the first being the Agricultural Revolution and the second being the Industrial Revolution. Globalization is the offspring of this revolution, providing people with a time-saving process of communication and interaction via technological means in today’s world. Technology not only makes […]

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