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applicant tracking system in UAE

Today’s companies adopt that recruitment doesn’t have to be difficult and should be smooth and efficient!

With the current unemployment rate, over 10 million people are looking for jobs. With inundated resumes, finding the best fit becomes more challenging for hiring teams.

Although that is the main bulk of the work, the office isn’t always a convenient place to work. In early 2024, most people continue to work remotely. It is what has become the “new normal” with the ability to access your work from anywhere in the world, any time.

With the ever-evolving digital landscape, the workplace has been changing with the development of remote work. Modern companies in the UAE must adapt to legal obligations and new management tools. Many companies in the UAE incorporate a cloud-based HR system in UAE. With this, the entire business can access a single source of truth and continue providing excellent service even when working remotely.

As advanced technology transforms every industry, the same happens with recruiting. It allows HR managers to be more productive and streamline communication. It is therefore important to acknowledge that an applicant tracking system can help remote hiring managers and recruiters better manage this influx. Applicant tracking system in UAE is a must to embrace technology. And that’s exactly what we’ll be exploring in today’s piece of article. Let’s start with the basics:


A well-structured data from ATS can help understand hiring strategies. It enables HR managers to take timely action. When it comes to communication between candidates who apply for jobs, ATS collects and sorts the resumes with the HR department. The modern applicant tracking system in UAE is a system that sorts and ranks all the resumes meeting your criteria and pushes the rest aside. Focusing your time and efforts on the most talented bunch for the recruiters means they will be able to conduct a remote interview faster. Here are the four basic steps that will help you understand how modern ATS in UAE works:

A new job requisition is raised on the ATS in UAE that includes the job description (JD) and prospective candidate details.

The ATS in UAE then uses the JD to create an ideal candidate profile that accurately reflects the employer’s requirements.

When the applications start flowing in, the ATS in UAE then ranks them based on how well they match the profile.

Lastly, the hiring managers swiftly identify the most qualified candidates and move them forward in the hiring process.

But wait! There’s more to know!

4 Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems for Remote UAE Companies

applicant tracking system in UAE

The applicant tracking system in UAE saves time in the hiring process by reducing the number of resumes you must look through. This must be a considerable perk to know! Although there’s much more to know about the applicant tracking system in UAE. Let’s get started:

  1. Gain a Better Understanding of the Eligible Candidates

With an applicant tracking system in the UAE that sorts and ranks candidates, companies will quickly develop a better idea of which types of applicants fit the criteria for their position more than others. Companies in UAE will discover that applicants hitting 80% of the keywords added in the job description are much more qualified than those who only nail 50% of them. From here, companies in the UAE will be able to discover other similarities — such as their relevant training or years of education — that must create an effective and seamless hiring process from start to finish.

  1. Quickly Discover Eligible Candidate

To hire the best candidate, an applicant tracking system in UAE with smart dashboards provides access to analytics and metrics HR managers wouldn’t have otherwise. Depending on the software you choose, you will be able to track where your candidates found the position in just a single click. That will be helpful for your team to give accurate results in many ways. For in-house and off-prem positions in the organization, posting an ad on a job board exclusively for remote employees, for instance, may yield eligible applications. This, again, will be a good fit for the organization’s culture and save you time and money.

  1. Build a Talent Pool Pipeline for the Best Applicants

Instead of having to source candidates every time you need to fill a position, the applicant tracking system in UAE helps your hiring team build a talent pool of applicants you may want to consider for roles in the future. Since it automatically collects and stores information from those who have already applied, you can tap into this resource anytime you want to add someone to your team. Though they may not have been the best choice for one position, they may be the perfect fit for another. You may not need to post another job ad if you have qualified candidates to choose from here, saving time and money once again.

  1. Streamline the Onboarding Experience

Applicant tracking systems in the UAE help streamline the remote onboarding experience for new hires.  Once this system accelerates the HR process, the system will send out interview appointments. With the improvement of internal and external communication, this system will also give videos about your company culture, questionnaires, required reading material, etc. This will eliminate duplicate submissions and strengthen any company’s first impressions of new hires. Dehumanizing the whole hiring process with an applicant tracking system in UAE will go a long way to assure the employees that the company is a legitimate place to work. So, knowing all these perks, there’s a better chance to enable the team members to be perfectly compatible, accountable, and up to date.


Using an applicant tracking system in the UAE is choosing flexibility. Indeed, on top of saving time and money, it can be used in the office or remotely. Employees working remotely can access it without worrying about installation constraints. Furthermore, this system is easy to set up while being compliant with regulations. The flexibility of use for both employees and employers makes it the ideal applicant-tracking tool for teleworking. Don’t delay streamlining your work and make it easier with the applicant tracking system in UAE to focus on core business activities today!

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